Privacy Policy

Last updated: December 2022


“User”… Any person of the requisite age and qualification who accesses Worchit Multimedia’s sight for any and all purposes

“Information”… Every data collected on a user

“Data”… Details collected on a user


Worchit Media Ltd recognizes the importance of your privacy. This notice therefore highlights and explains the privacy policies and Practices of Worchit Media Ltd on its Website /  Site (

This section sets out the data collection method as well as the purposes for which the data is applied. This policy must be viewed and read in conjunction with all other Terms of Use.

By accessing Worchit Media Ltd’s site, you agree to be bound by its Terms and Policies of Use and Privacy.

 Data Processing

All information and data provided and or submitted by and or automatically collected from users of under the Terms of Use are covered by the relevant and Applicable Laws including the Data Protection Act and other subsidiary legislation.

  1. Data Submission (User-initiated): Users initiate the data collection process by doing the following
    • Signing up and subscribing
    • contacting our customer service agents and following through the leads
    • Sending Worchit Media Ltd our email,
    • Posting information on our blog, video
    • any other form of communication

By any of the above methods, a user is deemed to have consented to information and data collection from the site whether automated or user-initiated. For purposes of enhancing customer satisfaction, Worchit Media Ltd may apply, use, store and or disclose such data and information to third parties for better user experience.

  1. Data Collection (Automated): Data and information are gathered automatically from users who access the site This Collection is automatically initiated and is independent of any information submitted by the user. By accessing the site  the user is deemed to grant access to this integrated data collection system which includes but is not limited to data and information which may  include, User IP address, User Operating system, User device type, User browser ID, User browsing activity, and other information generated as a result of accessing the site . The information is collected with cookies as part of the site’s log files.
  2. Service Usage Data: Worchit Media Ltd may receive data regarding user preferences, length of time use etc and store the information in log files or other formats associated with the user experience for purposes of linking and relating the information to other User-initiated or Auto-generated to date to enhance user experience.
  3. Cookie Data ( System Generated ): The site uses cookies. Cookies are text files containing minimal amounts of information which are downloaded to your device when you visit a website. Cookies serve a  threefold function ;
    • Functionality; to assist to recall  the preferences  of users,
    • Advertising or targeting which helps third-party companies to display ads that are more relevant and of interest to users,
    • Performance for web analytics, error management, and testing designs.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

Worchit Media Ltd does not sell, trade, or rent User personal information. Personal information is processed in the following ways:

Promotional Purposes; users may occasionally receive promotional contents depending on their preference and activities on the site. This could be via emails or any other media.